Lackawanna Online


  • Vision Statement: Caring for People’s Comforts by Providing Quality Services.
  • Mission Statement: We offer services to make your life easier and provide value for your money.
  • Founded in April 2022 and based in the City of Scranton, PA United States.
  • If you want the great experience for online shopping and selling, you are at the right place. is a secure and user-friendly online platform for buyers and sellers.
  • LACKAWANNAS connects sellers to buyers easily via its online platform. Vendors can easily list their products and services and sell them to customers using Lackawannas online platform.
  • On the LACKAWANNAS platform, there are huge number of sellers that provides ample opportunity to buyers to get best product in their budget.
  • LACKAWANNAS gives easy to understand point of interaction that will direct you through your determination cycle. You can likewise see your #1 brand with cost choices for various items in a single spot.


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